16.02.2021  // “Buy British”

Many of us who have closely observed the corporate finance market over recent years will have taken pride from the almost constant takeover demand there seems to be for UK companies. 

09.02.2021  // A call to arms

Recent events in Myanmar and Russia have reminded me of the many privileges we take for granted living in a Western liberal democracy. Our society is rich with diversity and many people contribute in a positive way to its vibrancy. 

26.01.2021  // Speculative Bubble

There is not a day that goes by without a news headline reminding me that we have enjoyed an unusually lengthy, sustained bull run.

07.01.2021  // The dawn of a new era

As a new year begins, it is timely to reflect on Britain’s new trade deal with the EU as it brings to a close the interminable “Brexit” process and heralds the start of a new relationship. 

18.12.2020  // The emotional rollercoaster

It’s natural at this time of year to become reflective with just days left until the end of 2020. As I look back I am reminded that it has been a remarkable year not least for the range of emotions I’ve experienced in a short space of time...

30.11.2020  // If

It was Rudyard Kipling who in the late 19th Century famously wrote the stirring words “If you can keep your head when all about you others are losing theirs”. 

20.11.2020  // Switch it off and on again

One of the welcome side effects of the pandemic has been the opportunity on a personal and professional level to experience life in slower motion and then take advantage of this as the world recovers and normal life resumes at its usual pace. 

25.09.2020  // The fortunes of war

The oft-used phrase “fortunes of war” inspired a classic series of novels and historical docudrama set in a period of immense upheaval and change. As the pandemic continues to wax and wane, it is timely that we reflect on those who have benefited from events over the last few months and those who have not. Indeed, there is a sense that business has been judged in the last 6 months solely by who emerges stronger or weaker across the economy.

03.09.2020  // Return to Work - New School Rules!

Given a new school year is upon us, there is a sense that Autumn is now in the air. Many office-based businesses have developed return-to-work protocols and are trialing schemes to help their people back into city centres. With that in mind, it felt timely to set out some pointed new “school rules” and observations for those in the Deals market to keep front of mind as we all start out on a new term!   

24.08.2020  // Societal changes are afoot

Much has already been written about the effects of the pandemic on the global economy as well as on the political landscape. Yet it is potentially more interesting to reflect on the social impact of the pandemic and the changes to society that will spring from this seismic event. 

30.07.2020  // UK economy at a crossroads

As the UK continues to emerge from its cocoon and economic safety measures expire, we must reflect on the Government’s response to the pandemic and the hard choices that lie ahead. Only by finding a balance between strong interventions and a free market will we set the economy on track for long-term growth.

01.07.2020  // Coming out of lock-down and avoiding FOMO

As Spring turned to Summer and we complete 100 days since lockdown began, I reflected on the fact that across the world humanity had been hibernating for an entire season. This was most apparent from a socially distanced walk along a high street where mannequins proudly showed warm weather outfits that no one could try-on or buy.

18.06.2020  // Cross-Border Retreat

Financial markets experienced the longest bull run in history between the Global Financial Crisis in 2009 and Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. This decade-long phenomenon accelerated M&A activity, motivating many corporate dealmakers to implement ambitious growth plans. The M&A market seemed to defy gravity through a potent combination of strong share price performance driving high ratings, long-term incentive structures and unprecedented access to corporate debt. 

05.05.2020  // Corporate Carve-Outs in the Brave New World

Aurelius has been privileged to occupy a ring-side seat on corporate divestment activity over the last 15 years as a long-standing investor and expert in carve-outs. We have transacted through bull markets and recessions, adapting our investment strategy along the way. But our latest annual Corporate Carve-Out Survey was thrown a surprise by the Covid-19 downturn.  Following an appreciable slowdown in corporate carve-outs since March, we are now ready for this market to recover.

27.04.2020  // The role of operational experts in safeguarding businesses

At Aurelius Equity Opportunities, our operations team has always directly supported portfolio company managers. We emphasise this unique structure to management, lenders and stakeholders, because our operational experts are a key differentiator when compared to other private equity investors.

16.03.2020  // Reflections on Budget 2020

As a private equity investor, at Aurelius we were eagerly awaiting details of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s first budget. I want to use this commentary to highlight three parts of the budget that were particularly pertinent to our industry.

09.03.2020  // M&A market feels symptoms of Coronavirus

While the last three months will be remembered for the 2019 General Election and Britain’s exit from the EU, the coming months will forever be synonymous with the COVID-19 epidemic.