13.07.2023  // Hat Trick

Our announcement earlier this week of the carve-out of TM Group from Dye & Durham is particularly noteworthy being our third acquisition to have emerged out of an anti-trust regulatory process:

04.07.2023  // Unrealistic Expectations

I am fortunate to call London my home, a city whose Victorian architecture and vast urban sprawl were famously portrayed by Charles Dickens. His most popular novel is perhaps Great Expectations, a tale of what happens when young Pip comes to London expecting to find fame, fortune, and all the social rewards this entails only to eventually discover that the reality is rather different.

27.06.2023  // Autopilot

Reading Coller Capital’s Summer 2023 Global Private Equity barometer, I was surprised by the high proportion of limited partners (“LPs”) who saw a role for Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) in deal origination, during the assessment and post-deal company engagement phases. It almost seems that they think PE investments can be conducted on autopilot.

20.06.2023  // How AURELIUS avoids Groupthink

Business has traditionally recruited new talent based on academic and professional qualifications. It has long been an accepted norm that a Bachelors, MScs, Doctorates or MBAsassure entry and upward mobility in the corporate world. Yet there have also long been those who have championed the benefits of experience over qualifications. AURELIUS is one of them.

13.06.2023  // Drive to Survive

The Formula 1 and Netflix collaboration “Drive to Survive” has been a success since it first premiered in 2019. It brought the camera “into the cockpit”, allowing the viewer to get up close and personal with the drivers who have so glamourised this sporting spectacle. But their cameras do not only capture the perspective from the cockpit: the surprise stars of the show have proven to be the Formula 1 team owners, principals and pit crews.

06.06.2023  // The devil and the deep blue sea

Homer’s Odyssey tells of the many trials that beset Odysseus on his journey back from the Trojan Wars to his homeland of Ithaca. Amongst the trials that imperilled Odysseus were Scylla, a creature that devoured sailors venturing too close to her lair, and Charybdis, a whirlpool that threatened all ships that passed her by. Greek mythology used these two dangers to warn us of “the devil and the deep blue sea.”

30.05.2023  // Breaking up is never easy

For the past year, ABBA avatars have held residency at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park playing hits like “Knowing Me, Knowing You” to packed houses. One of the most memorable lines in this great ballad is “breaking up is never easy” touching on a universal relationship message that resonates with many.

23.05.2023  // Succession

HBO’s Succession TV series is based around patriarch Logan Roy and whether one or more of his children will succeed him. Waystar RoyCo Group is a fictional media conglomerate that seems rather a long way from corporate Britain, and real life is rarely as sensational as TV. Yet the show highlights “succession” as an issue which is a commonplace occurrence in business, and is played out time and again in UK companies.

16.05.2023  // Eurovision

Over recent years, I have found Eurovision more and more compelling viewing.

11.05.2023  // A night at the theatre

We all have memories of a special night at the theatre.

09.05.2023  // Workplace revolution

Over recent times, I feel we have seen the latest signs that a social and cultural revolution is taking place across British workplaces.

02.05.2023  // Coronation

For the vast majority of us, a coronation is a new and unprecedented event - given that King Charles is the first British monarch to be crowned in over 70 years. We await the special weekend with excited anticipation to see what the crowning of a king will look and feel like. Living in a constitutional monarchy where royals hold no political or executive role, the King serves at Parliament and the People’s will.

25.04.2023  // New Market Entry

In almost a decade at AURELIUS, I have been privileged to see the evolution of our pan-European investment platform. The most satisfying aspect for me has been leading our business in the UK market.

18.04.2023  // Hitting the wall

Endurance sports enthusiasts are well known for their fear of “hitting the wall”.

11.04.2023  // Blind Date

Saturday night for many years began with TV’s Cilla Black on Blind Date.

04.04.2023  // Set up to fail?

Looking back through time, it seems as though periodically we see a major bank fail:

28.03.2023  // Blame culture

In the U.K. we have come to expect that following every major unplanned event or occurrence we will have a public inquiry. These are commissioned by Government Ministers to investigate what happened and “prevent recurrence”. The inquiries can take considerable time for a chairperson to establish the facts by bringing together witnesses that testify and present evidence. Recent public inquiries include The Grenfell Tower Inquiry, The Manchester Arena Inquiry and The U.K. Covid-19 Inquiry. Past public inquiries looked at everything from E.coli to phone hacking and from the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko to the Hillsborough Stadium disaster.

23.03.2023  // Groundhog Day

Events in recent days have brought to mind memories from 15 years ago when financial news was constantly on the front page. Images still remain of stunned employees leaving Lehman Brothers with the contents of their desk in a cardboard box. Of depositors queuing round the block to withdraw their savings from Northern Rock. Of banking giants like Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch, HBOS and RBS being touted to “white knights” or bailed out by their governments. We look back on that time wondering why the politicians, media, regulators and credit rating agencies did not warn us in time to step back from the precipice of a financial crisis.

21.03.2023  // The first past the post

There are discernible similarities between a sale process and a race:

14.03.2023  // AI

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) has its roots in the twentieth century with a summer project at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire in 1956 being seen as a defining moment. Yet, there are many far earlier origin stories depicting characters with artificial intelligence whether in the Greek classics or through the works of Mary Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe or Arthur C Clarke. From authors to philosophers to mathematicians and academics, there has been incredible interest in AI over the past 50 years with ever growing levels of data, computer processing power and funding for research. We now take for granted the application of AI in fields ranging from autonomous vehicles to data mining to automated warehouses to factory robotics.