To ensure your safety and that of our team we have taken advice from the Government and have introduced measures to help keep the Aurelius office COVID-19 secure.

Please be mindful that your visit will be different to when you have visited us previously as there are several small changes that will now affect you.

Prior to your visit:

Ahead of your visit please complete and return the visitors details form that will be sent you (or can be downloaded here). This form will enable us to log the time and date of your meeting and who you have met with so that we are able to contact you should we need to in the event of track and trace measures. 

You should NOT visit the office if you fall into any of the categories set out below:

  • You have contracted COVID-19
  • You have COVID-19 symptoms – high temperature, cough, shortness of breath or feeling unwell
  • If you are living with or are in a support bubble with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms
  • If you are required to self-isolate upon returning to the UK from overseas (see current UK Government guidelines).  You must not come into the office whilst quarantining

Arriving at our offices:

Please try to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your meeting is due to start so that we can take you directly to your designated meeting room.

During your visit:

Please note the following during your visit with us:

  • Antibacterial hand sanitiser is available upon arrival (Reception and 6th floor)
  • 2m social distancing rules apply throughout office
  • Meeting rooms are equipped with antibacterial wipes and sanitiser to wipe down personal areas and chairs before and after your meeting, and bins are provided to dispose of wipes
  • Users of meeting rooms are requested to disinfect all equipment used during the meeting – phone, touchpads etc. using antibacterial wipes provided and dispose of in bins provided
  • Where possible, meeting room doors should be kept open and duration of meetings minimised
  • Capacities of meeting rooms have been adjusted to meet 2m social distancing requirements.  Room capacities are shown on meeting room doors
  • Masks are available should you like to use one during your meeting
  • There is COVID-19 signage throughout our offices to remind you of guidelines
  • We operate a track and trace system
  • We have daily cleaning of the office
  • Only one person can use the lift at any one time

Privacy Notice:

Please note that we will keep your visitor information logged securely for a maximum of 21 days for Legitimate Interests in the event that we need to contact you for matters of health and safety related to Covid-19 infection transmissions. After this time your details will be removed from our systems.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our Office Manager on 020 7440 0480, who will be only too happy to help.

Visitor Details Form